Many people search for places to get a trick or treat near them in different countries. When you are pondering a place, we have different options depending on where you live. The best thing is choosing a safe neighborhood safe from crimes and dangers. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, there are posh streets in Brentwood, Toluca Lake, Venice Beach, etc. These places are suitable for Halloween parties with you and your loved ones. Before you start reading, you might want to check out 10 Best Places to Watch the Sunset

Best Places to Trick or Treat

1. Angelino Heights:

Angelino is one of the best places to trick or treat yourself. It has vintage craftsman bungalows, dark, mysterious mansions, and towering Victorians. They have promising avenues for Halloween night while the streets fold around the leafy hillsides on one of Los Angeles’s oldest neighborhoods. If you love adventure,  you can travel to this place to experience excellent locations in L.A. Residents in this area see it as a perfect venue to experience Halloween fun in another dimension.

2. Coral Gables:

The location has tree-lined byways bad magnificent mansions. Coral gables have the two most expensive streets, making it a good place for people to enjoy full candy bars on their wishlist. If you are passing through the Mediterranean-style houses with your family, then you have the opportunity to move to Miracle Mile to have fun in the neighborhood block party and have trick or treat in different shops. You don’t have to pay any money to spend time in this place, and you can explore the neighborhood to see different landmarks.

3. Coconut Grove:

Miami, Florida, is one of the oldest pedestrian neighborhoods with friendly people. It is a vibrant place with streets filled with tightly packed communities and homes. Also, they have a diverse number of entertainment and shopping options that are not far from one another. It is possible to ring older doorbells that have existed for many years and then continue your Halloween celebration. It is advisable to watch the clock before college kids and adults make the place rowdy.

4. Country Walk:

The Country Walk was one of the locations in the 1950s sitcom. The lawns are well-trimmed, and due to this, neighborhoods are serious with their holiday decorations. The homes are decked out, which makes the scene suitable for Halloween. As a result, you won’t have to spend much on exterior decorations. You can opt for Country Walk when sightseeing for an illuminating place to have an incredible trick.

5. North Sacramento Family Resource Center:

You can give yourself a wonderful treat at North Sacramento Family Resource Centre. You can either join the trunk or treat to wear the spookiest costume. During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals wire nose masks to avoid further spreading the virus. If you are going with your family, you will need to fill in some information that North Sacramento staff can locate you in case of emergency. For correct information, you can access their websites.

6. Kapolei:

It is the number one heaven spot for family friends and loves to have plenty of smooth sidewalks. You can play a Pumpkin Pursuit Game Card in Kapolei. Also, visit more than seven participating merchants to stamp your game card. There is a free treat when picking your game card located at ONYX Nails Wax Lash. They organize a yearly event where local vendors and artisans come around to have fun.

7. Liberty Hospital:

Liberty hospital is another place for the family to have a trick or treat while searching for candies for their loved ones. Kiddies in this venue will see big trucks, fire trucks, and emergency vehicles. Since there are different games, there will be allotted prizes for kids. The hospital is in Kansas City, and tons of activities occur throughout October. It is advisable to check the October calendar for the event guide. Also, you can find different ideas to decorate your treat or trunk. Signing up for the scoop gives opportunities to get exclusive invites to watch movies.

8. Silver Lake:

In Silver Lake, they have high-class costumes sightings galore. It is one of the centers for festivities. In time past, Silver Lake Halloween Block Party was held here. Silver Lake streets have cars for visitors to find their way late at night. If you want to stay away from rowdiness, you can follow North Coronado Street found between Scott Ave. and Sunset Blvd. You can park at Sunset Blvd to avoid parking at night. If you don’t like Silver Lake, you can choose Bookeley Circle, the Berkeley Circle.

9. Toluca Lake:

Locals enjoy the ranches in this place, which is ideal for Candy-hunting. The Toluca Lake is a proper place for Bob Hope at Ledge Avenue and Moorpark Street. It is an excellent point to enjoy the ghoulish display and different candy offerings. For instance, the Cul-de-sac in Toluca Estates and Valley Spring is another place to have a good trick or treat spot. There is a scene at the Toluca Lake Estates with designers exhibiting their design and prop designing skills to make awesome haunted houses and yards.

10. Santa Monica:

It is located at Montana Avenue, Gillette Regents Square. You can take your kids to Santana Montana for shopping or restaurants on the 6th and 17th streets. They have a Halloween celebration from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for kids. Santa Monica shares boundaries with places like 21st Pl. on the East and 17th St. on the West. As a result, you can get good tricks or treats for kids. Due to the intense decorations of Montana Avenue, it becomes scary at night for new visitors.

11. Studio City:

It is located in Head West of Canyon Studio, packed with Halloween, pumpkins, and a celebrity atmosphere. It hoards trick or treaters, including numerous actors recording artists living in the area. You can enjoy the lawns and candy offerings found in the laurel Terrace Dr. and Mount View Ave. Also, the Silver Triangle neighborhood is a good place to spice your fun.

12. Hancock Park/Larchmont:

The posh neighborhood is home to a different official mayoral residence in Los Angeles. It is a pace for trick or treating where kids can have lots of excitement. It has haunted houses, unique decorations, and plenty of candies on places like Rossmore Ave. and Arden St. If you have kids, you can take them to South of 3rd St. to keep them away from creepier decorations. If you want something thrilling, you can visit the 400 block of South Rimpau Blvd. This location has a spooky graveyard appearance.

13. Greenwich Village:

Party in Greenwich Village begins early, and people gather around the Iconic Washington Square Arch around 2 p.m. Traditionally, they have a kid’s costume parade inside the Greenwich Village. The trick and treat begin in the afternoon with plenty of activities for kids ages 2 to 10. Also, there are activities you can perform either at home or on-site. Therefore, you can trick or treat through the surrounding streets of townhouses. Just take note that from 6:30 p.m., the goblins and ghouls will start coming to the area for the Halloween parade.

14. Upper East Side:

Each year, Carnegie hill neighbors organize block parties with different costume processions, candy treats, art projects, dancing on the streets with lively Disc Jockey. There are prizes and trophies for the best costumes and neighborhoods with the most festive townhouses.


We have different places to trick or treat near you, but it depends on your geographical area. If you are unsure where to have a good trick or treat, the article has numerous places for you and your kids.

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