Cabo is one of the resort centers located at the Southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. In 2020, the city population was 202,694. San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are regarded as Los Cabos. They combine to form a metropolitan area of 351,111 inhabitants. It is rated as one of Mexico’s top destination sites for tourist attractions.

Best Places to Stay in Cabo

1. Downtown:

If you are after a place to stay in Cabo on a minimum budget and enjoy the nightlife, Downtown is one of the best places to stay. It is referred to as the heart of Cabo city, and you can enjoy your time here. There are different traditional arts and crafts with Mexican delicacies. You might be lucky to see affordable neighborhoods where you can see accommodations.

Visitors have the chance to shop while cutting extravagant expenses on their hotel. The inland adventure allows many tour companies to live Downtown. You can schedule a dune buggy ride on the Northern part of Cabo, choosing from itineraries such as canyons, beaches, mountains. On the other hand, some tour firms offer multi-day excursions that will add to your fun.

Furthermore, some visitors come into Cabo for party purposes, while others visit here for shopping purposes. Mexican handicrafts such as Taxco silver and Talavera-style pottery come in different patterns in Cabo. A renowned Fashion designer named Pepita Nelson has a store “Magic of the Moon.” For instance, specialty markets offer different mouthwatering food like seafood, tortillas, meat, and pastries.

Tourists operating on a minimum budget can get accommodation in Downtown Cabo San Lucas. They might not have social amenities, but they do other things like swimming pools, libraries, wireless internet access, and many others. Although their apartment is small, they offer personalized services at an affordable rate.

Cabo San Lucas is one of the safest cities in Mexico; still, visitors should be conscious, especially when they are out at night. As a result of the nightlife, you can join other tourists yearning to have a good time while spending their money.

2. Medano:

It is another place to stay in Cabo for visitors after a fun beach vacation. They call the place Medanoe Beach and one of the thrilling tourist sectors in Cabo. You might not want to stay in the Cabo neighborhood, but you will spend some time here the stakes are high. It is the hub center in the city (Cabo), where you can find different luxury high-rise resorts that will offer you inclusive vacation packages.

The opportunities to see things like drinking in palapa-shaded cantinas and dining al fresco are abundant in Medano. The beach is usually crowded during the Spring break because many visitors will be visiting the place from different parts of Mexico, Northern America, and other continents. It has one of the convenient places for water sports games (kayaking).

Medano is a place where you can time a high concentration of outlets with crafts for watersports. Some of these outlets have been in operation for over ten years, offering reliable services throughout the year. We have operators that offer parasailing tours to visitors to enjoy its landscape, especially for adventurous travelers.

Downtown is known for its high concentration of nightclubs and bars. Medano Beach has cantinas for people to have a good time. Some patrons are called to participate in different indecent activities. It is an event that occurs during the Spring Break Season. The popular menu at Cantina is the bucket of beer accompanied by delicious food.

In terms of food, the quality restaurants in the neighborhood happen to be one of the be places to live in Cabo. Many eateries are on the right side of the beach, enabling diners to feel the same underne on their feet while having their delicacies. You will find different kinds of meals here such as hamburgers and Mexican food. There are lovely shops with traditional handicrafts like sunglasses, hats, jewelry, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.

Many resorts have mini-markets, gift shops, food vendors, including selling snow cones delectable on a sunny day. Some of these renowned resorts in Medano Beach are on the right side of the ocean. You can get a spectacular view of water bodies from this region. It has many amenities like Jacuzzis, bars, fitness centers, pools, restaurants, etc. Many Medano hotels are independent properties, and they are a safe place to stay in Cabo.

3. Marina:

Another wonderful place to stay in Cabo is to perform diverse activities with charming neighborhoods on the right side of the waterfront. It is a very busy district with shops, hotels, and restaurants at different spots in Marina. You can use the opportunity to have stunning views while enjoying a luxury yacht here.

Many decades ago, the Cabo San Lucas Marina was an industrial place. Also, it was regarded as the place for old cannery that offers you the avenue to access some fishing boats. Presently, things have changed in Marina because you have the privilege to enjoy different tourists attraction. They have many water-based activity companies for you to rent a wave runner, fishing boat, and paddleboard.

If you enjoy Dolphin swim, it is the best place to be for an unforgettable experience. Tour operators will offer excursions like snuba, helmet diving, and parasailing. The Marina has different options for you to party at night with different lounges, clubs, and bars from wild to upscale your personality. They have diverse restaurants with seafood nearby the Sea of Cortez. Also, you will see numerous eateries to eat sweet kinds of seafood.

Shopping is common in Marina because if the certain part of the Malecon that locals regard as the Marina Golden Zone. It has high-end boutiques running alongside the renowned boardwalk compared to the Puerto Paraiso Mall. Also, the Luxury Avenue Complex of designer boutiques is here too. Also, with different upscale dining and shopping experiences, they ha e beautiful hotels in Marina, which are quite expensive.

If you want a comfortable hotel, Marina can be the ideal play to stay when you visit Cabo. The amenities and accommodation are elegant in both chain properties and independent. Also, they have diverse condos for vacation with complete full kitchens for you to unwind. As a result of the upscale surroundings, Marina is one of the safest places in Cabo.

4. Pedregal Hills/Pacific Ocean:

It is situated on the Pacific Coast, and it is one of the wealthy areas in Cabo San Lucas. The hillside has luxury resorts and other rental properties. There are unique places to view the landscape and ocean. Also, the neighborhood can organize organic farmer markets for health-conscious families.

The beach has Pedregal hills, and Cabo San Lucas beach is usually congested during busy days. On the other hand, if you want a serene place, you can come here. The beaches are beautiful, but the strong rip currents make swimming difficult. If you want to capture memorable sunset, you can do that from Playa Dollar.

Some of the best restaurants in Capo are in Pedregal hills. They have spots like Don Manuel’s and El Fallon with stunning settings overlooking the ocean. You won’t get it here if you want rowdy nightlife here, which is not surprising. Many hotels have sedate bars and few places for patrons to drink fine wine while listening to the piano sound.

Besides the organic farmers market, you won’t find anything to shop in Pedregal hills. If you opt for Pedregal Hills to stay in Cabo, you are sure of luxury. It is advisable to pay a premium price for any season in Pedregal hills. You can upscale different exclusive resorts with awesome amenities like shops, fitness centers, spas, restaurants, etc. You can roam at any hour because of the safety.

5. Tourist Corridor:

The tourist corridor expands along 20 miles of coastline and is one of the best places for you to stay in Cabo. From San José del Cabo, you can enter Cabo San Lucas.

Different seaside resorts are more luxurious than the previous ones. Also, they have different championship-style golf courses in different parts of the beaches. Golf is the favorite activity in the Tourist Corridor with 12 different golf courses. Robert Trent Jones II was the designer for some of the golf courses.

Visitors can shop in places like Playa Santa Maria and Chileno Bay. You can swim in this place without being afraid of anything occurring. If you want bigger thrills, you can try zip-lining and bungee jumping with any operators in this place. They have excellent dining in Tourist Corridor, offering diverse options like gourmet pizza, seafood, and many others. For instance, Baja Mediterranean cuisine has different traditional Mexican specialties.

Many resorts have bars and lounges. Also, you will find smaller boutiques to buy beachwear and sundries. Tourist Corridor has beautiful resorts, but you will need a high budget. Deluxe amenities that will make your stay worth it in this place are available for you. You don’t have to be conscious walking here at night.


Cabo has different places for visitors to stay from Downtown to Tourist Corridor. You have to prepare well before picking any place to stay in Cabo. On the other hand, your budget will be a determining factor in any place. If you love adventure, you can visit Cabo for premium fun or check out our other suggestions on places to visit.

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