Destin is a city in the United States of America with a high number of people visiting the city annually. There are many restaurants where visitors eat their favorite meals and bars to drink assorted wine. The big question is, when do Destin indigenes eat their delicacies? If you are thinking of going to Destin in the future, you need restaurants to visit.  

It is advisable to find a Destin citizen to take you around the city to see excellent restaurants. You could be lucky to find someone conversant with restaurants in Destin, which will make it easier for you. This article will see the best places to eat in Destin that will be worth your money.

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Best Places to Eat in Destin

Destin is recognized for its numerous beaches and golf courses in Florida. People travel from other parts of the globe into the city to taste its weather. However, a long day of walking under the sun in Destin can ignite your appetite for good meals. At this juncture, where are the top-rated restaurants in Destin to eat quality meals:

1. The Donut Hole:

It is one of the famous restaurants in Florida where you can eat the best doughnuts. As a result, it is patronized by both locals and visitors. The Donut hole has gotten a reputation based on its excellent customer service. There are different branches in Florida serving all day-breakfast and bakery items for many years.

You can select any doughnuts you want to buy and eat them while eating your dinner or taking them home. These doughnuts are classic, like the chocolate glazed and maple with blueberry filling and strawberry. If you want to buy your breakfast, it is better to arrive there early to avoid rowdiness.

2. Harry T’s Lighthouse:

It is home to seafood and spirits. When you enter this restaurant, its decor will grab your attention. The walls are designed with sports memorabilia and circus. It implies it is not only the food you will enjoy because the seafood menu can spice things for you.

When buying your seafood, you can select flavors like snapper and grouper; both can be served with stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and risotto. Individuals who don’t like seafood have the option to choose from either salads or burgers.

3. Brotula’s Seafood House:

It is a seafood cuisine where you can take your family and friends to eat seafood. Also, the restaurant specializes in cooking local dishes. Brotula means delicacy, and it is one of the meals. Their menu includes Mexican seafood like gulf grouper with orzo, baby shrimps, and blackened red snapper.

This restaurant has New Southern Cusine for classic meals like mushroom gravy, country meatloaf, pork, southern collard greens, mashed potatoes, etc. The different varieties allow you to select anyone that will suit your cravings.

4. Louisiana Lagniappe:

If you crave creole cuisine, the Louisiana Lagniappe is the best to visit in Destin. For over three decades, the restaurant has been serving seafood with a creole twist in a conducive environment suitable for family events and date nights. There is a waterfront in the restaurant surrounding.

Different favorites for meal lovers like grouper Louisiana and barbeque jumbo shrimp, twice-baked potatoes, homemade hushpuppies, Celiac, health-conscious dinners, etc. Many of the food in this restaurant is gluten-free and is healthy for kids too.

5. Jackacuda’s Seafood & Sushi:

It is a waterside spot that comprises different plates of seafood. Their seafood is quite different from other seafood you will buy in Destin. Although Jackacuda incorporates local catches, they have poke bowls, ramen, fried rice, and sushi rolls.

Travelers visiting Destin for the first time will enjoy several kinds of seafood both fried and grilled. If you aren’t a fan of eating fish, their dinner menu offers a southern-style macaroni, steak, cheese, and pork chops.

6. Mimmo’s Ristorante Italiano:

The classic Italian restaurant in Destin is a great spot to have traditional Italian dishes and is one of the renowned restaurants in this city. It has a modern and relaxed ambiance for date nights from you hanging out with friends in the evening. Also, it is ventilated for kids to avoid stuffing.

The good thing about eating here is you can try new delicacies like Italian garlic rolls, served with garlic butter sauce. Pasta selection with either lamb, veal, pizza, or chicken dishes. The classic Mimmo’s pizza is served with tomatoes, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese.

7. Beach Walk Cafe:

It is located inside a luxury hotel but it doesn’t stop Destin indigenes not eating in this restaurant. It is the only fine-tuning restaurant you will see in Florida directly on the Gulf of Mexico. They have a menu like truffled marsala chicken, shaved truffles, asparagus, red peppers, grouper Vince with crispy potato cakes.

8. Callahan’s Restaurant & Deli:

It is a casual dinner and Deli in Destin. The indigenes love the atmosphere and they have simple eat ranging from classic spinach salad to different soups. You can make your choice from their different sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, burgers for lunch, or try food like steak or pasta. Inside the restaurant, you can get a “cook and catch” service where they can bring live fish and prepare to your preferences. 

9. Marina Cafe:

Marina café has obtained several awards for its excellent customer service. The restaurant offers impeccable service with palatable meals drawing inspiration from different backgrounds like rosemary-rubbed lamb chops, Japanese barbecued salmon, crawfish barbeque, grilled fillet medallions, rosemary-rubbed lamb chops, and Dijon. Pasta dishes and Gourmet pizzas.

There is a cocktail lounge where they play contemporary jazz music. The deck is compatible with outdoor dining. They have different wine options for you to select anyone to heighten your pleasure. Usually, from 5 pm to 6 pm the Marina Café serves their main course dishes.

10. Bud and Alleys:

It is a long-standing local t in Destin. They serve fresh seafood and make use of the best ingredients from t to spice their food. Therefore, they convert these goods into creative entrees like grilled t breast, grilled beef tenderloin stuffed, fried oysters, Basque-style seafood stew.t

Bud and Alleys’ menu extends beyond dishes t they are fond of introducing new flavors. Whether outside or inside a light-filled dining room, the cuisine is amazing. There is an open-air bar that serves drinks and light meals for customers.

11. Dewey’s Destin Harborside:

In 1835, the restaurant came into existence and it is one of the best places to eat in Destin. Besides the decoration of the restaurant, the seaside eatery has many thin to offer to its customers. The Dewey’s Destin Harborside allows patrons to enjoy the sea breeze and view while eating their fish and sipping tropical drinks.

12. Seagar’s:

The sophisticated restaurant is beautified with polished wood and stone. Many of their meals focus on wine, steaks, and seafood. Presently, they have expanded their focus to cigars and spirits too. Some of the entrees they have to include Dover sole, Swordfish, Marine lobster, and Atlantic salmon. They will prepare everything for you when you place an order. Also, they have premium cigars and a decorative humidor.

13. Beach Walk Café:

One of the restaurants serves American, European, and Asian dishes. Their head of Chef cook dishes like oven-roasted pork, roasted lamp with shiitake mushroom dressing, white chocolate banana cream pie, crabmeat spring rolls, etc. They have prepared meals for different celebrities such as Amy Grant, Cybill Shepherd, and Vince Gill. It is one of the best places to eat in Destin.

14. Cafe Thirty-A:

The Gulf Coast architecture in its yellow clapboard building is trimmed with white and topped metal roof. The inside rafters are painted white and market umbrellas hang from the ceiling. Their menu comprises grilled swordfish, grilled rack of lamb, filet mignon with truffle aioli, sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna, etc. The restaurant has assorted wine with different champagne. The outdoor dining is located on the bar’s open deck.

15. Fish out of Water:

They have an ocean view trendy blue-toned sushi bar that can add to the aesthetic of any building. The interior colors are yellow and green, and guests have options to dine either on the table or semi-circular booth. They use flavored fish and homegrown fish to prepare exotic meals. Their menu might include baby carrots, moulard duck breast, polenta, frisse, orange coriander sauce, etc.


Destin has many restaurants for you to eat sumptuous meals to order from anyone you like. As a result, you can eat different types of meals from local to international. When you have your money, you can enjoy any meal of your choice.

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